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Demand for reconstruction of monasteries

Kathmandu . The Quake-affected Monastery Struggle Committee has demanded immediate reconstruction of the monasteries and shrines damaged during the April 2015 earthquake. At a press conference held on Tuesday, Coordinator of the committee Sanubabu Lama shared...बाँकी

Putin confirms US diplomatic missions in Russia will be cut

Kathmanud. Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed Sunday the staff at US diplomatic missions in Russia will be cut in response to a sanctions bill the US Congress passed last week. Russian state media quoted Putin saying...बाँकी

Biratnagar’s two journalists feted

Biratnagar . Two journalists were honored on Tuesday here in Biratnagar to mark the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the establishment of Media Persons Media Cooperative Ltd. Biratnagar Metropolitan City’s Mayor, Bhim Parajuli, conferred...बाँकी

Obama charms seemingly stoked Alaskan baby

Kathmadu. Barack Obama may not be president anymore, but his legendary baby-whispering skills are apparently still going strong, after photos of his encounter with a baby at an Alaska airport were circulated widely on social...बाँकी

G20 Hamburg: Leaders fail to bridge Trump climate chasm

Kathmandu. Leaders of 19 nations at the G20 summit in Germany have renewed their pledge to implement the Paris deal on climate change, despite the US pulling out. Deadlock over the issue had held up the...बाँकी

US says North Korea fired missile into Japanese waters

Kathmadnu. North Korea has fired an intermediate range missile in the direction of Japan, US military officials said. The land-based missile was fired from near Panghyon airfield, and flew for 37 minutes before landing in...बाँकी

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