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Serious review on real democracy should be done at the December Summit

Democracy is now being debated around the world. Not only in the political system of the country, but also democratic practices within every institution, is discussed. There needs to be more discussion globally on it. In this context, the World Democracy Summit 2021 has been organized in December. Therefore, the debate on democracy is even more relevant at this time.

In the United States initiated December summit has invited delegates from 110 countries. However, China, Russia, Turkey and other countries have not been invited. This has created another debate. The real practice of democracy and real democracy has to be debated again. Democracy literally means rule of the people and describes a type of government where people have a direct say in the decisions the government makes. A democracy is a political system, or a system of decision-making within a country, institution or organization. In which all members have an equal share of power.  However, this is not the democratic practice of a capitalist country. The democracy that the nations of the West are practicing now is not really democracy. Real democracy does not draw a dividing line between man and man. But American democracy is dividing the world. It has created conflict all over the world. It is not world unity and brotherhood that is sowing the seeds of conflict between nations and spreading mutual hatred.

The United States considers itself the messiah of democracy, human rights and the rule of law. But there is a big difference between what the United States says and what it does. The United States has always been unjustly interfering in other countries.  US aim to create conflict in various countries and make more profit by trading arms there. It has always interfered in justice movements around the world. US strategy is to bring those movements under its control and create instability there again. The definition of human rights, democracy and the rule of law is, in fact, the definition of class. America understands that whatever it does, people around the world accept it. Actually that’s problematic and bad understanding.

We’ve been reading the news of discrimination, the news of violence, the widening gap between rich and poor in the United States. The world knows what American democracy is like from the activities of the Trump administration and Trump’s remarks. US security experts also disagreed and expressed concern on it.

American democracy has left a large part of its economy in the hands of a few. However, a large segment of the population is weakening and poverty is on the rise. On the other hand, the poverty rate in China has dropped significantly. It also marks the good practice of democracy. There is the most discrimination. Only a strong bureaucratic structure can move that country. Otherwise, democracy in America is on the decline.

The United States is fleeing from various worldviews. The example of withdrawing from the WHO, the withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, indicates that the United States is becoming isolated. This makes it clear that his democracy is only a name, that is, a slogan. The US is backing down on various pretexts. This is the result of his ridicule of democracy.

The United States has adopted a policy of global intervention. US Trying to play by creating instability throughout the world. Now the US is keeping an eye on the Himalayan region. America has a plan to create havoc in the Himalayan region and plunder its resources. At the same time, the US is seeking to intervene in Tibet with a strong presence in the region, undermining the prosperity and prosperity that China is gaining. For that, the United States is now trying to implement the MCC project in Nepal anyway. That is a dangerous seed. It has a stake in capturing Nepal’s assets on the pretext of providing assistance through MCC. It is interfering in independent countries around the world. Budget is being allocated to run various programs in the intervened countries. But that American approach is now obsolete.

If we want to create real debate at the practice of real democracy, we have to look at the practice in the communist countries as well. China and other Communist Party-led countries also have democracy. If we look at the living standards of the people of those countries, if we look at the economic condition of the people there and the development of the country, then these indicators can be said that democratic of those countries is relatively correct. Confusion has spread because Chinese society has not been well studied and its reality has not been revealed. However, the illusion that the United States is practicing democracy and China is not a democracy is being spread by the world’s largest capitalist media and NGOs, including the United States.

Prime Minister of Nepal Sher Bahadur Deuba is expected to participate in the Democracy Summit 2021 to be held in December. This time, the agenda of real democracy should be debated in this virtual summit. The summit should address the state of American democracy and human rights. We need to talk about the growing incidence of discrimination in the United States. Even in today’s 21st century, the issue of injustice and discrimination against blacks in the United States should be raised at the summit. The question arises as to the extent to which democracy is practiced within the United States and the practice within the United States. The issue of respect for dissent within the United States needs to be addressed. If such issues do not arise then this summit is only a capitalist agenda to refresh the mood. The summit should have a serious review of the practices of the world’s major powers, including the United States. Strong voices must be raised against interventions around the world. In order to respect the sovereignty of the countries and to interfere in the affairs of one country and to cause instability, we must strongly oppose it.


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