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Why is Turkey attacking Syria?

Kathmandu. Turkey has urged the US to stop backing the Kurdish YPG in Syria, as it steps up an offensive against the militia. A spokesman for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told the BBC that Kurdish...बाँकी

Nepalese Cultural Program in China

Sichuan, (China) . A Cultural program organized by China West Normal University Nanchong, Sichuan to Welcome the New Year 2018, Nepalese students studying in the university actively participated performing their Nepalese cultural dance and singing. In...बाँकी

Former Prime Minister Prachanda Shares Christmas Greetings

Kathmandu. NCS and NCF jointly organised a christmas greeting exchange program on 18Th of December, Monday. Certain national leaders were invited to the program, including former prime minister, Prachanda, Mahesh Basnet and Janardan Sharma. The prime...बाँकी

Celebration of Double-Nine festival in China

Sichuan ,China. China, one of the richest countries in its cultural heritage and civilization marks the celebration of different festivals throughout the year. Among them, the people of China celebrated ‘Double-Nine Festival’ yesterday. This festival falls...बाँकी

Massive Corruption in The Dalai Lama’s Trust

Kathmandu. According to the western medias, Dali Lama  Trust is on going to be famous for the corruption. The insider of the trust cited that, Dali Lama’s holiness and inspirable  leadership to the contribution of...बाँकी

Somalia: At least 30 dead in Mogadishu blasts

Kathmandu. Media captionThe aftermath of the explosion in Mogadishu . A massive bomb attack in a busy area of the Somali capital Mogadishu has killed at least 30 people, police say. Dozens more were wounded when...बाँकी

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हामीले खासगरी खोजमूलक समाचारलाई स्थान दिने गरेका छौं । सबैका सन्तुलित विचार हाम्रो अनलाइनको प्राथमिकतामा पर्छन् ।

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