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Minister Gauchan leaves for Rome

Kathmandu . Minister for Commerce, Romi Gauchan Thakali, on Saturday left for Rome, the capital of Italy, to take part in the ‘Fourth Ministerial Meeting of Agricultural Commodity Markets and Prices’ at the invitation of...बाँकी

Pokhara upbeat about Prince Harry’s visit

Pokhara : The visiting British Prince Henry Charles David ‘Harry’ will be visiting Nepal’s renowned lake city, Pokhara, on Tuesday. Prince Harry, who arrived on Saturday for a five-day visit to Nepal, will attend a ceremony...बाँकी

Influx of complaints on human trafficking

Kathmandu : The Metropolitan Police Crime Division is witnessing an influx of complaints on alleged human trafficking. A total of 111 complaints which include 70 from outside Nepal and 41 from within the country have been...बाँकी

Former Maoist combatant murdered

Bhimduttanagar: A former Maoist combatant of Bedkot Municipality-1 in Kanchanpur district was killed and thrown on the road last night. Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Kedar Khanal said that Bishnu Bhatta, 50, was murdered by...बाँकी

डबली मिडिया प्रा.लि.द्वारा सञ्चालित डिजिटल न्युज पोर्टल अनलाइन डबली डटकम बिगत ३ बर्षदेखि निरन्तर चलिरहेको छ ।
हमैले खासगरी खोजमुलक समाचारलाइ स्थान दिने गरेका छौ । सबैका सन्तुलित बिचार हाम्रो अनलाइनको प्रकाशन प्राथमिकतामा पर्छ ।

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