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Thai Boriharnwanaket in Nepal to explain the importance of Buddhism

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Kathmandu. Bhante Sumangalo from Nepal and Thai Buddhist Master Ajahan Sujin Boriharnwanaket are going to do interaction programs in Nepal to explain the depth of  hthe Buddha’s knowledge. On Thursday, they came to Nepal from various countries including Thailand and informed about it by holding a program in Kathmandu.

The 98-years-old Buddism master Boriharnwanaket from Thailand has been giving information about the importance of Buddhism throughout her life and said that it is necessary to discuss this knowledge more in the present time. She said that even though common people get knowledge by reading books and listening to lectures, it becomes easier to understand when they practice it in an interactive way.

Boriharnwanaket said that when people are lost in the daily life of the world, they are missing out on receiving the Buddha’s knowledge, “People today are accepting what they see, hear and feel as truth, but Lord Buddha said that the truth is deeper than that.” She added “Everything in the world is being created and destroyed moment by moment and human life is also a part of creation and destruction. The day people realize this, they will understand the essence of Buddha’s life.”

Bhante Sumanglo opined that such an environment should be created in Nepal, the holy land and birth place of Gautama Buddha, because Buddhists from all over the world want to step and gain knowledge. He said that he is going to organize the interaction program in Nepal’s Kathmandu, Pokhara and Lumbini in the first phase. He also said that Buddhism is more important in Nepal, the center of attraction for Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world.

Sumanglo also informed that, followers came to Nepal from Thailand, France, America, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos to participate in the lecture by Boriharnwanaket. Founded in 1984 in Thailand, the Dhamma Study and Support Foundation is headed by Achan Sujin Boriharnwanaket, who has served as Committee Chair since its inception.

The Dhamma Study and Support Foundation, a beacon of the Buddha’s teachings, stands out for its meticulous sourcing from the Tipitaka and commentaries. Its mission is to disseminate Dhamma, a goal it pursues through various initiatives. These include hosting discussions across Thailand, engaging with international Buddhist communities, and offering a dedicated weekly discourse in English and Hindi for Indian Buddhists.

Who is  Boriharnwanaket ?

Ms. Sujin Boriharnwanaket is revered as Achan Sujin, who leads this charge. Her scholarly journey began in 1953 at the Buddhist Association in Bangkok. Achan Sujin’s expertise in the Abhidhamma and Vipassana has garnered acclaim in her homeland and reached distant shores, notably in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and India, where she has been invited to grace seminars and lectures, solidifying her international recognition.

Achan Sujin’s significant contributions have been recognized with the Outstanding Woman in Buddhism award from the United Nations in 2007. Her lectures, spanning nearly seven decades, distill the profundity of Abhidhamma and Vipassana into accessible wisdom. They have enriched the knowledge of monks and laypeople, leaving a lasting impact on the understanding and practice of Buddhism.


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