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Influx of complaints on human trafficking

21 March :

Kathmandu :

The Metropolitan Police Crime Division is witnessing an influx of complaints on alleged human trafficking.

A total of 111 complaints which include 70 from outside Nepal and 41 from within the country have been registered with a separate organ that came into operation two months ago within the Crime Division related to human trafficking, said Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Mukunda Marasini. The data further elaborates on the fact that 351 victims were related to the 111 cases.

Complaints have been registered from Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia, Russia and Portugal among other countries, Crime Division said.

In regards to the registered complaints, at least 30 individuals including 12 women were rescued from Macau, India, Oman, Nepal and Dubai. The Division has also arrested eight individuals accused in related to the cases.

The Crime Division also received complaints on 67 manpower companies located across the country in connection to human trafficking and transport, DSP Marasini said.

Division’s SP and Spokesperson, Sahakul Thapa, said the police will take stern action against the guilty as migrant Nepali workers were forced to face an ordeal in course of their work in foreign countries.

“We will bring those responsible for inflicting pain on those heading for work within the legal boundary,” Thapa asserted. The Crime Division is hunting down at least 321 individuals accused of human trafficking.

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